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Historic round-trip in Stange, part of the Mjøsa region – a vibrant, beautiful cultural landscape seasoned with venerable manor farms. We invite you on a journey back to the 1800s, to discover some of the cultural monuments, buildings and stories from that rich epoke.

The trip starts at the farm Røhne nedre. A few years back, the old main building, dating back to the 1600s, revealed a well-kept secret. Behind numerous layers of paint on the old wall panels, paintings of Napoleon himself were discovered. These paintings from 1840 have been carefully restored, and their story is vividly told by the farm’s hosts as you enjoy your coffee and local pretzel in the Napoleon room.

Lunsj is served at Fjetre gård, å farm with long traditions. Fjetre is in full operation, producing cereals, potatoes and carrots. The main buildings, dating from the 1700s, have been restored to its original character. Astrid Marie, the hostess serves a lunsj based on seasonal ingredients grown in the nearby region. Maybe you would like to taste some Aquavit as preparation to your next stop….

…which is Atlungstad Brenneri, the local distillery where potatoes – that since long have been grown in the Stange area – are used to make Aquavit. You will learn all about this exciting process during the guidet tour in and around the distillery. Of course you are invited to an aquavit tasting session after the tour.

Do you not want the day to end? Why not have dinner and an overnight stay at Bryhni or Staur farm?

Historisk tur Stange