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Explore the rolling, tranquil scenery of Stange Vestbygd. Revitalise all your senses in surroundings made for relaxation, recreation and enrichment.

Here, you are in the heart of a thriving agricultural community, with fertile farmland and local food made with passion.  Stange’s farmers produce everything from vegetables, berries and grain to cheese, ham and other meats.  You will be able to sample these local delights at the farms you visit. Alternatively, you can cycle to one of the many farm shops and buy products to take home. On your journey through the landscape, you will discover large Iron Age burial mounds as well as beautifully restored farms with historic gardens and long, tree-lined avenues. The 19th century cultural history is exciting and unique, and features European-inspired wall paintings and a fully intact distillery established by local farmers in 1855.